View the tables from 11:00 am - 11:45 am.
Lunch will be served beginning at 11:45 am.
Join us for the Parade of Tables! Tickets are $12 and available from our table designers:

Patriotic Pride              Becky Kaylor
Tea Time                     Peggy Beatty & Pam Reynolds
School Days                Luann Elliott
Summer Olympics        Shannon Reavis & Dannette Carson
Carolina Tarheels        Frances Smithey & Aloma Doughtery
Happy Birthday            Janet Hinson
Camo Done Right        Hannah Carpenter & Sarah Stroup
Sugar Baby                  Leah Carpenter & Rory Moore
Halloween Night           Wendy Callahan
Gardens Galore           Pam Reynolds
Lego Mania                  Angie Bass (with assistance from Iain)

The Menu will be: grilled chicken breast, roast potatoes, green beans, slaw, and rolls with choice of pound cake or apple crunch
dessert. Beverages will be iced tea and water. Lunch will be served buffet style and guests will take their plate to the serving tables to
be served. (There will be 2 lines.) Designers are requested to fill their guests’ beverage glasses or cups just prior to serving time. A
beverage table will be set up for beverage refills. Desserts will be available at a table and served on the church’s clear plastic plates.

Speaker #1 -  Renee Tench is a breast cancer survivor who is so ON FIRE for our Lord that she is contagious. She was a prayer quilt
recipient and is now living life to the fullest knowing each day is "one step further on her journey home." Her story is touching but
she's so upbeat. If you cry, it'll be from laughing.

Wayne Beatty will be taking candid photos and will be set up for posed shots if anyone desires.

Childcare will be provided at no charge with a reservation. A reservation is important so that we can hire the proper number of
childcare providers. If guests don’t make a reservation, there will be a $5 per child charge at the door. Guests have the option to
purchase a child portion lunch from our menu for $5 or provide a bag lunch and any snacks desired for their children.