Passing the Peace

One of the parts of our worship services  we have every Sunday here at New Covenant Church   is the “passing of the peace”.  While most of us use it as a time to speak to friends and guests alike, it is more than that.  Why, it is even biblical.   When we “pass the peace”, among the opportunities presented to us is  the chance to   “make peace” with those who we have something against before worship  (see Matthew 5:23).   It is also a chance to wish peace to those around us even as we desire for peace to be wished to us.

            Today, I find myself thinking of these words from Matthew 5:9 where we hear Jesus say, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”     It is so much easier to “pass the peace” than to “make peace”.      In a few days, we will come to another Memorial Day and will remember those who died “making peace” for us.    As we come close to Memorial Day, let us seek to not just be “peace lovers” or “peace passers” but also “peace makers”.       Have a joy-filled week.-  Pastor Randy L. Wall   

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